Youth in Mission Congress 2014

Important information for you!!!

Dear attendees of the 8th Youth in Mission Congress,

the 8th Youth in Mission Congress with the slogan “Lift Up Your Heads” is coming up soon and we have some important information for you!

1. Volunteers
We still need some volunteers – especially for the area of cleanliness. You can check out the areas where we still need volunteers by logging into your account and registering on We would be very happy if one or two would consider helping and thereby strengthening the team! ☺

2. Meals
IMPORTANT! There will be no meals on Thursday! Please make sure you have enough food with you for that day. At the registration you will get a bottle of water which you can refill (see designated refill areas in the booklet). You are asked to return his bottle at the end of the Congress. Thank You!
On Friday there will be no dinner, instead you will receive a packed lunch at lunchtime ! Those arriving after lunch on Friday, will therefore have to cater for themselves for dinner!

3. Social Projects
There are various ways to help other people. We want to do exactly that and invite you to join us for the social projects! ☺
The social projects take place on Thursday, 04/17/2014 between 1:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. (you need to arrive until 12 noon ). A planning meeting will be held at 12:30 p.m. in Hörsaal 1!
You can register for one of the following projects on→ Log into your account → go to "Outreach/Social Projects" and choose between the options. Please note that there are no provided meals for lunch and dinner on Thursday!

4. Getting there and parking
The Congress will take place in the IGMH (Herzogenriedstr. 50, 68169 Mannheim → seminars, meals, accommodation) and the event tent (plenary sessions), which by the way is already erected, see the pictures by clicking on the one above :-). We would like to ask you to park at the designated parking lots. Please take a look at the map ( and do not park behind the closed-off areas or where it is prohibited.
You also need a green emission sticker for the city of Mannheim, if you’re arriving by car. In case you don’t have one, you can buy one here:
Please do not leave any objects of value in your car! Unfortunately we have had some negative experiences with that in the past.

5. Registration
The program will start on time at 8 p.m. on Thursday (song service at 7:50 p.m.). You can register from 2 p.m. onward, volunteers from 11 a.m. onward. Registration will be open throughout the program on Thursday night.

6. Accommodation and Sanitary Facilities
As usual, all those that have opted for accommodation in the IGMH, will have their sleeping quarters in the classrooms. When you register at the Congress, you will be able to choose between a room of “early” sleepers (no noise or lights after 10:30 p.m.) and “late” sleepers.. Please do not sleep outside of the classrooms, since that is not allowed due to security reasons. Thanks for your understanding!
The showers are in the IGMH-gym. Please note that the showers are public (one room, no shower cubicles). If you feel more comfortable bring your bathing suit with you.

7. No access without registration to the IGMH/live stream
Unfortunately, we have only limited room to accommodate participants. Please note that non checked-in people won’t have any access to the IGMH or the tent. They have the possibility to follow the plenary sessions and one seminar via live stream. You will be informed in due course concerning any further information on Please, pass this information on to all those who are planning to stop by spontaneously and to those who are interested in watching the live stream. Thank you!

8. What to bring with you:
- flashlight
- sleeping mat
- sleeping bag
- supper for Thursday
- old lanyards (if available)
- health insurance card/travel health insurance!

9. Outreach
The big news concerning the outreach is that it will already take place on FRIDAY AFTERNOON! A variety of actions have been planned, such as a flash mob, a both downtown, a singing group, house to house etc. The bags with the materials to be distributed on Friday after lunch (at the exit of the cafeteria). In the afternoon at 2 p.m. we will meet together in the big tent to ask for God's blessing. Please look in your bag to find out what district number you have been assigned to and go to your corresponding group leader. We are looking forward to the outreach. You will have the chance to share your experience on Friday night.

10. Others
How has YiM impacted your life? We want to hear your story, your experience of how God has worked in your life throughout the year. Did you take the challenge to heart and implement it in your life, your youth group, your church? Tell us about it! Make sure to sign up at the Info booth.

We are looking Forward to seeing you soon!!

Written by Dominik Buchner on Tuesday, 15 April 2014.
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