Group promise sings at the 13th YiM


Do you remember the awesome medley last Youth in Mission Congress? There was a whole bunch of singers in black on stage and they made you have goosebums. Remember now? Okay, those guys are called "promise" and will perform the concert this year at the Youth in Mission Congress. We're looking forward to a long evening full of spiritual songs.

But who is promise after all? Promise is a group of 15 musicians from all over Germany who perform together since 2014. The translated the musical "Frage die, die IHN kennen" (english: Ask those who know him) from Polish to German and already performed it 16 times in different locations.

In the musical a girl is looking for the meaning of life in this world. On her journey she encounters someone who shows her - through different stories from the bible - who God is in his endless love and grace.

During the last years promise visited many places and was able to reach countless people with its message of a loving God. Each time they could feel God's presence and were blessed.

We are looking forward on the musical at the YiM and pray that this evening will be blessed by God.

Written by Klaus Müller on Wednesday, 09 January 2019.
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