A Thing of the Past?

What remains, belongs to the future

The Youth in Mission Congress is over, suitcases are being unpacked. Everybody is happy about being back in his/her bed and daily routine takes over again. As is the case after every event, the crucial question is: What remains? Because what remains, never becomes a thing of the past.

Is it pictures, good resolutions, new facebook friends? For several days, 2.000 young people lived together in crowded spaces, listened daily to sermons and were surrounded by like-minded. When all of this becomes a part of the past, another really interesting chapter begins: What influence will the past have on the future of the attendees?

Allow me to point out what has to me become one of the insights of the Congress. Far too often, the work of volunteers is not enough appreciated. I am not talking about the volunteers of this very congress. The fact that this event depends on them is evident. What I am talking about are the volunteers in our local churches. The church elders and Sabbath School teachers and deacons, just to name a few. But I am talking especially about all the housewives, whose help and service is often requested, not rarely because of the misconception that housewives are not full-time working professionals. Therefore, next to a big thank you to all the congress volunteers, a special thanks to all the women who contribute invaluably to our churches, and whose services are rarely acknowledged the way they should be. We owe you.

Written by Janet Reznicek on Tuesday, 29 March 2016.
Posted in Volunteers , YiMC 2016