Melissa Otto will sing and play at the 12th YiMC

Ukulele and guitar concert on Friday evening

Maybe some of you were already wondering who will be performing the concert at this year's YiM congress. Well, we are quite proud to announce Melissa Otto for the concert on Friday night. Guitar and ukulele are already packed and we are thrilled.

Maybe some already know Melissa Otto via YouTube or have heard her perform live. Melissa has been singing and playing since she was little - special music pieces for local churches with her siblings and father. When Melissa was 20 she released her first album and since three more have been added.

Melissa's music has touched listeners around the world - for her though the most important thing is to use her gifts for God, to bring people hope an comfort in God's character. "I am amazed at God's desire and ability to use us faulty vessels to carry the important and beautiful message of his true heart for us - we are weak but he is strong", Melissa says.

We are very much looking forward to the concert with Melissa Otto. If you want an appetizer you may listen to some of her songs here .

Written by Klaus Müller on Sunday, 28 January 2018.
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