Neville Peter sings and plays at the YiMC 2017


For our next Youth in Mission Congress we are happy to announce Neville Peter as the artist for our concert on Friday evening. The US-American not only brings along a soft voice in his luggage but also many self written songs.

Born on the beautiful island of St. Thomas Neville struggled with his eyesight from early on. When he was only six month old his parents noticed that he did not return their smiles nor did he react to their appearing faces. The doctor found a Glaucoma - at this time the illness was not healable and so Neville kept loosing his eyesight and became blind at the age of twelve.

At the same time he discovered his love for music: He sang gladly during church service and with 14 years he began taking piano lessons. Soon he would participate in talent shows, perform in concerts or sing in church. When he was 19 Neville moved to Miami and started studying Musik. And although he kept on walking away from God and started to play Jazz, Pop, Reggae and R&B music in nightclubs he still never completly forgot about the loving Father.

At this time Neville performed a lot at South Beach and went on tour with Cassandra Wilson. However, his worldly music career came to a sudden halt when Neville answered God's call: On the first of January 1998 Neville was playing on a News Year's Eve party when he realized the things this world has to offer didn't satisfy him. He decided to follow Jesus and surrendered his life and talents to him. Since then he has written over 100 gospel songs and performed countless concerts to the honor of God. In an interview Neville was once asked: "If new technology were developed that would allow you to regain your sight, would you want to take advantage of it?” He paused and thought and then said: "Well, yes and no. Yes, because it would be nice to be able to get into my car and just go wherever I want without having to depend on other people, but no, because I think it would be really cool if the first face that I see is the face of Jesus.”

We are very much looking forward to hearing Neville Peter sing at the YiMC 2017. If you are curious and can't wait until then, check out his homepage or search on the well know video streaming plattform.

Written by Klaus Müller on Sunday, 05 February 2017.
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