5 Euros for You!

Cleanliness at YiM

Only a few weeks left: the Youth in Mission Congress 2016 will start very soon! Almost everything is already prepared, but we are still looking for your help!! (Picture: © Andreas Hermsdorf /

Every attendee wants to enjoy the YiMC in a clean environment; therefore we need many helpers in our cleanliness team. Now we offer a special deal, because we still do not have enough support!

If you register in your registration account as "Sauberkeit" volunteer, you will - at the end of the congress - receive back 5.-€ of the attendance fee. Even if you have already registered, you can still register as "Sauberkeit" volunteer in your account. The YiM-team and about 1700 attendees are looking forward to your support!

Written by Dominik Buchner on Tuesday, 01 March 2016.
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