Info booths

April 5, 2015 - Part 2

With a popcorn bag in my left and a balloon in my right hand...

…I am making my way through the info booths. There’s a broad variety of things being offered; I’m looking at „emergency food“, candies, dried fruits, and Swiss chocolate. There are DVDs, books, invitations for seminars and congresses, and an endless amount of pens and business cards. There’s the so-called “Gift Point” where I can leave a message for another congress attendee. There’s plenty of information on volunteer opportunities, cooking seminars, websites, etc. That YIM-Dekathlon also sounds super interesting; so far I’ve only heard about it during the evening program. The Dekathlon holds different tasks that, when being accomplished, offer not only a price (such as a free congress attendance next year), but as well the opportunity to learn new and useful things for one’s own life. Eating my popcorn, I am moving on to the “Challenge booth” where I am supposed to get together with another person and set a goal for myself that I should try to reach until the next congress. The lady at the booth tells me that the goals should be clearly defined and countable (if possible). For example, it shouldn’t just be an “I will live healthier from now on”, but more an “I will live healthier from now on by eating only 2 chocolate bars instead of 4 per month.” (in order to make it real and practical)! My accountability partner is supposed to pray for me (and vice versa) as well as for mutual encouragement and rewarding. But here’s the cool part: For people like me, who are just strolling around with a balloon, a popcorn bag and without company, there’s even an opportunity for me to set a goal myself and have the YIM-committee check on me once in a while to find out how I’m doing with my resolutions. Wow! Well, as for right now I will make another round possibly find a partner; and most importantly I need to think about what goal I could be setting for myself :)…lots to do, cu……ciao!

Written by Katharina Buchner on Tuesday, 07 April 2015.
Posted in YiMC 2015