Well, that’s not surprising. Or do I need God’s grace too?


An acquaintance is in the process of getting a divorce and the sister in church is pregnant. Without a wedding and a husband. And I’m thinking: “Well, that’s not surprising, considering how they live.” Cross your heart, who of us hasn’t thought something like that before? Who hasn’t thought that he might have a bit of an easier life because he does kind of follow God’s word more.

That’s what the sermon by Sebastien Braxton on Thursday evening was about. Many of us have been Christians, Adventists for a long time. We’ve been coming to the Youth in Mission Congress for years, we do a lot of things right. And maybe we think the same way the Jews did in Luke 13 “Look at us Jesus, look at all the things we’re doing right, it’s no surprise that God blesses us and not the others.”

And just like Jesus had to remind the Jews in Luke 13, maybe he has to tell us: “It’s all about God’s grace. All people are sinners and have deserved death.” When we understand that, we can’t look down on others because of their sin. We’ll see even better how Jesus has been pleading for us with the Father for years. For us sinners. For us all.

And, honestly: Wouldn’t it be liberating to look up to Jesus instead of looking down on others? Wouldn’t it pull us closer together if we saw each other as God’s children instead of small and bigger sinners? If we would help each other in our struggles instead of using them to make ourselves feel a little better?

Written by Klaus Müller on Thursday, 13 April 2017.
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