Community Project "WithPeople"

Do you know Tabita? Her story is short and at the same time extraordinary. There are only few lines in the Bible that mention her name, but those few lines are of great value! It wasn’t her words, it was her grace and care that made her famous. She always knew who needed warm clothing and she knew the individuals that simply needed a word of appreciation and encouragement. Selflessly she cared about the poor and distressed. God appreciated her service so much that He literally gave her a new life so that she could continue helping.

Once more you have the opportunity to follow Tabita’s example for a couple of hours at Youth in Mission 2015. Tabita only had a needle, but God blessed her help and empathy. What do you have?
We have a living faith through Jesus Christ. “With people” is the theme of this year’s Youth in Mission Congress and we would like to pass on our help and support to other people by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Most of the time deeds count more than words.
At this point we would like to introduce our community projects. If you would like to join of the projects, please go ahead and contact Stefan Arsovski (contact info provided below) and register. In order to be a part of the project, make sure you’ll be in Mannheim on time (12 o clock noon on Thursday).
Contact info and registration: Stefan Arsovski (Email: or Phone: +49152-55600760)

Project 1: Concert in the Albert-Schweitzer nursery home
Project leader: Jakob Wieck

Important to consider:
- you should enjoy making music or singing and you should somewhat have a sense for notes and tact. Not that you need to be a professional, but you should be able to know when something sounds right or wrong.
- you like elderly people and enjoy making them happy
- you can be present in Mannheim on Thursday at 12 noon (team meeting is at 12:30pm!)
Participation capacity: 11 people can join this project

Project 2: Organize an afternoon program and gift-giveaway for a daycare (Haus Bethanien) of people who struggle with mental disorder and/or addiction.
Project leader: Yasmin Grauenhorst

Important to consider:
- You enjoy packaging gifts for homeless people
- You don’t shy away from passing gifts to a homeless people with a bright smile and a word of encouragement on your lips
- You can be present in Mannheim on Tuesday at 12 noon (team meeting is at 12:30pm).
- Participation capacity: 11 people can join this project

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