April 5, 2015 - Part 1

They ask for my YIM- wristband, hand me my lunch, help me to sing actual melodies during church service, provide fresh toilet paper and clean restrooms, get rid of my pear left- overs, gave me great advice when I had just arrived to the congress, and do a lot more wonderful things to keep this congress going……

The VOLUNTEERS ! But who are they except for the ones who get to eat earlier than everyone else? What are they actually doing? I went around for you guys and just asked them about their greatest joys and greatest challenges in their different volunteer areas!
Anna works in the food section. She says that she enjoys meeting new and old faces while giving out food. She says that sometimes it’s challenging to clean up after people because the tables can actually look pretty dirty once people are done eating. Then there are Larry and Jonathan who work for the security area. They, too, enjoy meeting new people at the door while checking for people’s wristbands. However, there are people who simply do not want to show their wristbands, even though as volunteers they’ve been instructed to really check if people are wearing their wrist bands. Another challenge is the night shifts during which they need to watch over the entrance. Still they are connected as a team which makes their task fun any time of the day! Franziska and Carina are telling me similar things…They work for the trash section where people bring their food leftovers when done eating. They say their team is awesome and meeting new people is great! They say that many attendees find the procedure of trash separation too complicated which is why often times the wrong trash ends up in the wrong bag. That can at times be a little nerve- racking, they say. Then there’s this girl that I’ve seen singing on stage as a worship leader. Is she a volunteer, too? Yes! Are there challenges? Yes, she says. You need to get up much earlier than everyone else to be at practice and you need to be very disciplined, but yet nothing is better than singing praise songs with a worship team and a congress hall full of people! Then there’s even a guy from the “outdoors” area that I can interview! Each volunteer from his area works 5 hours a day, making their round over the congress campus to collect trash and tell people to move their cars when parked in wrong areas. He, too, enjoys the company of his team. He seems a little sad that some drivers don’t seem to take him seriously and continue to park in places that are not open for congress attendee parking… Another girl is about to clean the floor of the public restroom; this year she decided to participate in the area of “cleaning”. She is actually the one I respect the most! All of them agree: It’s definitely worth it to be a volunteer because it’s an opportunity to meet new people in a natural way and because it is an opportunity to be part of a nice team. It’s also nice to develop a sense of responsibility for a certain area, because you feel like you have actually been contributing to the congress in itself. It can make you happy!

Written by Katharina Buchner on Sunday, 05 April 2015.
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