Day of Arrival

April 2, 2015

It’s day of arrival, registrations are already going on. Joyful reunions.

Some are here for the first time, don’t really know how things work, sticking to their youth groups, asking questions. Whoever’s registered, takes their belongings into the sleeping areas, opens their sleeping pads, talks to or looks for somebody, checks out the info booths or takes a first look at the program booklet. This time it seems even harder to choose from all the workshops. There are so many interesting options on where to go. It may become a challenge to stay alert with all the many impressions, the wide choice of programs, and the short nights. How about approaching this congress connected with God? Really getting something out if it? We’ve been waiting so long for the opportunity to spiritually recharge, learn something new- and now there goes our opportunity! May this continue to be our goal at this year’s Youth in Mission congress! May we weigh the options wisely between whom or what to pay attention to, where to invest our time, what workshops to attend, when to go sleep and when to get up, when to stop for some private time with God, at what missionary event our help is needed, whether or not we sit with somebody that sits by themselves, rather than with well-known friends… May God, as Pastor Sorke said today, remove all the obstacles that may hinder us from being true “fellow human beings”. May He bless each of the attendees and make this congress an unforgettable experience with God for each of them!

Written by Katharina Buchner on Thursday, 02 April 2015.
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