Soon and very soon...

...we are going to meet in Mannheim

The 8th Youth in Mission Congress with the slogan “Lift Up Your Heads” is coming up soon. After some back and forth, we finally decided to go back to the location of Mannheim. This time we will try something new: ...

With the new local fire regulations which led to restrictions concerning the usage of the school gym, the major events will take place in a large tent next to the school. In this tent all 1,400 participants will be able to come together for the devotions and sermons. This was the best solution and we are very excited to see how these innovations will shape this year’s Congress.

Nevertheless, the tent still keeps us in supsense. At the moment we do not quite know what problems might come up with the setup of the tent as well as with the meetings that will take place in it. This is still a big prayer request and we are deeply grateful for your prayers.

Until now, we have experienced God’s blessing throughout the planning. In addition, the Congress has never been booked out as fast as this year. We are certain, God will again give us, as YiM family, special moments in communion with Him!

Written by Dominik Buchner on Monday, 24 March 2014.
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