The Difference between Value and Price

Why this Congress is what it is

When the idea to create this Congress was born, it was the declared desire of the organisers to facilitate as many young people as possible regardless of their financial circumstances.

At the same time, the offered programme was meant to meet a high standard. There is a great emphasis on providing an extensive range of workshops. For five days, young people can profit from various speakers and experts. The attendees are also provided with an accommodation and with food, and they pay a price that comes nowhere near the usual attendance fees of comparable congresses.

One of the reasons for this is the huge amount of volunteers, who each year decide to sacrifice some of their free time to help at this event. In order to be able to afford a congress centre, the travel and accommodation costs of plenty of speakers, all sorts of materials, and yet offer the attendants a pupil and student friendly budget, it is also unavoidable that comfort suffers. There is no extensive breakfast buffet, and the accommodations are less than ideal. This congress never claimed to be a fancy one, or a perfect destination for gourmands, but the result of a youth movement. There is no leek, there are no onions and surely no quails – but the organisers are doing their best to take care of their near and dear participants. Therefore, it is year for year and thanks to God’s blessings possible to offer manna.

Written by Janet Reznicek on Sunday, 27 March 2016.
Posted in catering , accommodation , YiMC 2016