A Jubilee as a Milestone

Why this congress is more than a number

Today we have reached a milestone: it's the beginning of the 10th Youth In Mission Congress.

YIMC-attendees are walking around on the site with their luggage to register and find their place to set up camp. You can hear them shout their friends’ names and run towards each other for big hugs. The technicians have microphone sound checks, the photographers scout out the roof for the annual group photo. People in charge are doing last-minute preparations while also preparing mentally for the first evening programme this year. You could see these things happening but miss the deeper sense of what YIM is all about. It is an ebenezer. Ebenezer is the stone that Samuel named in 1. Samuel chapter 7. It was meant as a reminder for the Israelites of how far the Lord has led them. Is this still relevant for us today as we seek to commit? It reminds me of a quote that says: "We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us." (- Ellen G. White)
Let this YIM be an ebenezer to you in memory of the last 10 years.

Written by Anastasia Lachmann on Thursday, 24 March 2016.
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