Happy Sabbath, Youth in Mission!

April 4, 2015

Wow, what a day! One has no idea how to summarize this day in just a few words....

....but I will go ahead and try! At first, we have been introduced to the Sabbath by the beautiful melodies and voices of Matt and Josie Minikus. However, what made this day special was the outreach program that took place today. The weather forecast had promised rain for the whole day (I had checked that before I packed my stuff for YIM). It was raining when we walked to the train station but as soon as we got out of our train, the rain had stopped. It did not begin to rain anymore for the whole afternoon; in fact, the sun came out and kept people warm! It was amazing! Out of the many options (book table, Daniel statue, different flashmobs, snack table, giving out gifts, etc…) I picked one and actually became part of a second! I decided to give out roses to people and encountered Sarah and Tommy, who became my group members. Together we started our tour through Mannheim city and handed out roses and post cards to various people to put smiles on their faces. Some rejected them, some appreciated them, and others even showed interest so that we were able to share a little bit about the background of our project: Mitmenschen! After the roses were gone, I sat with Sile and Bilyana, who had signs hanging around their necks that said “time for you”. Two times we were approached by different kinds of people and, to make a long story short, I had the opportunity to converse and even pray with two complete strangers before they left. I have to say, it was awkward in that very moment, I was TOTALLY OUT of my comfort zone! But worth it, people, worth it! Now, however, I am dead tired and falling into my bed…ummm….my sleeping pad….or maybe my inflatable mattress? Thank you God for this beautiful day! Ps... the veggie hotdogs this lunch were GREAT! Possibly I'll be dreaming of them tonight! :)

Written by Katharina Buchner on Saturday, 04 April 2015.
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