Group picture of the 10th Youth in Mission Congress

Called to grow

Almost three months have already passed since the last Youth in Mission Congress took place. With more than 2000 attendees and about the same number of additional guests on sabbath, this 10th Youth in Mission Congress has been the largest one we were privileged to experience. We were able to experience God's guidance in a special way and to come closer to Him – through sermons and devotions, workshops, music, prayer and much more.

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Written by Christoph Waber on Wednesday, 22 June 2016.
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A Thing of the Past?

What remains, belongs to the future

The Youth in Mission Congress is over, suitcases are being unpacked. Everybody is happy about being back in his/her bed and daily routine takes over again. As is the case after every event, the crucial question is: What remains? Because what remains, never becomes a thing of the past.

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Written by Janet Reznicek on Tuesday, 29 March 2016.
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Is God a Moral Monster?

Our contribution to the understanding of God

The question why God allows suffering is difficult enough. Why God in some cases even seems to order suffering, brings us from the question of an almighty God to the question of a brutal God.

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Written by Janet Reznicek on Monday, 28 March 2016.
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Finishing the Run

Our sponsorship run for refugees

On Sunday, we had a unique opportunity: a charity run.
The first round took place in the morning, at 09:45 am, and the second in the afternoon, at 02:30 pm, with 82 runners in total. All of the participants had chosen sponsors beforehand, who would donate a specific amount of money for each lap (approximately 670 meters) that would be completed within 45 minutes.

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Written by Anastasia Lachmann on Monday, 28 March 2016.
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The Difference between Value and Price

Why this Congress is what it is

When the idea to create this Congress was born, it was the declared desire of the organisers to facilitate as many young people as possible regardless of their financial circumstances.

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Written by Janet Reznicek on Sunday, 27 March 2016.
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