Youth in Mission...

…auch zu Hause und in meiner Jugendgruppe

Challenges sind auf dem Youth in Mission Congress schon zur Tradition geworden und waren immer eine kleine Herausforderung, die man vom einen zum anderen Kongress mitnehmen konnte. Dieses Jahr soll dabei das Ziel sein, Freunde für 2017 zu erreichen, ihnen persönlich Bibelstunden zu geben und/oder mit der Jugendgruppe eine Jugendevangelisation durchzuführen. Große Ziele! Zu groß?

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Written by Dominik Buchner on Sunday, 08 May 2016.
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From Saul to Paul

Could you be Ananias?

When Saul became Paul, he was approached first by God, and then by Ananias. God blinded Paul, but sent Ananias to perform the healing. Was God too busy to do it himself?

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Written by Janet Reznicek on Friday, 25 March 2016.
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FELLOW human beings

9th Youth in Mission congress from April 2 to April 6, 2015

We encounter lots of people throughout our everyday life. We may encounter them in the bus, subway, or on our way to school- however, we pay more attention to our smartphones than to the ones we encounter on public transportation. We also talk much to our colleagues and friends. We text and email them! There’s even times when we argue through text messages and emails! ...

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Written by Dominik Buchner on Sunday, 21 September 2014.
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