A life’s story in a melody


Neville Peter is being led onto the stage. The spotlight and the cameras are trained on him. The presenters ask him a couple of questions, then he sits down at the piano. His hands search the microphone to adjust the height.

Then his fingers find the keys. He elicits an incomparable melody from them. A melody that speaks of pain and sorrow. A melody that also speaks of the joy that one can only find in God. It’s the melody of his his life’s story.
Born an Adventist he turned his heart to music. When he was a young adult he sadly lost his connection to God bit by bit and also his music changed accordingly. But God kept speaking to his heart and again and again Neville rejected him. Until one day he gave his heart fully to God. Ever since then he gives his talent and his music to God.
The melody of his life is about suffering, about wrong choices. It’s also about a God that will not forsake His children. It’s about a God that welcomes us with open arms as soon as he sees us approaching. His music is about this love that gives meaning to our life.
The concert might be over, the music is not. Because the melody of God’s love that keeps changing us will continue until we’ll sing it together one day.

Written by Sharon Strimbu on Saturday, 15 April 2017.
Posted in Music , concert , YiMC 2017