Let’s go downtown


After sitting in four sermons, a concert and two workshops it’s time for an outreach. Time to not just listen and take information in, but to share.

In accordance to the topic “ reformation” participants act out short scenes of Luther’s life, that give food for thought. There is a group of about 50 people nearby that sings from the bottom of their heart. A different singing group spreads joy and encouragement in a hospital. Again others use the time to get into conversation with people at the doorstep of their houses. And then there are many participants praying “at home” in the school for those who left to reach out.

This leads to conversations about various topics and everyone is able use their own gifts. After all we are all different and experience God individually. God delights when we serve Him in our diversity. He has created us differently. Therefore each one of us reaches different people. May we always put our diversity and uniqueness into His service.

Written by Sharon Strimbu on Sunday, 16 April 2017.
Posted in Outreach , YiMC 2017