What is this, and what happens there?

Today, you could see many young people with blue lanyards in both Offenburg and Lahr who tried to share their personal experience of God's love with strangers in many different ways.

Book vouchers were given away so people could choose a book they like from the book table. Smokers were offered apples in exchange for their cigarettes, and some accepted this exchange and were also invited for health presentations. A few young people formed groups to sing songs of hope and songs about how much God loves us. Some people only listened to the music or watched us, others wanted to know who all these young people with the blue lanyards were, and some talks grew deeper than a "I'm at a youth congress" or "I'm a Christian". There was communication on different levels, testimonies were given and later, little messages tied to balloons were sent into the sky with the hope and confidence that these thoughts would reach those who need to be comforted or cheered up. We want to learn from Jesus: "He reached the hearts of the people by going among them as one who desired their good. He sought them in the public streets, in private houses [...]". (ChS 119.2)

Written by Anastasia Lachmann on Sunday, 27 March 2016.
Posted in Outreach , YiMC 2016