Joseph Kidder and Thomas Knirr will be speakers at the YiM 2019


Just a little while and we'll be seeing each other at the next Youth in Mission Congress! To pass the waiting you may take a glimpse on our two main speakers for 2019 ...

Joseph Kidder and Thomas Knirr will be preaching at the next YiM and take us a little closer to God. If you're too curious until then, both of them have sermons online and you can find them easily on the biggest video platform.

Curious about the two? Joseph Kidder was born in Iraq and grew up as a Moslem. When he got to knew Jesus, he faced great adversary from his surrounding. Although he took many beatings and although he was despised and cast out of his family, he kept true to God. So step by step a once secular man from the Middle East became a Christian, who found his best friend in Jesus. Today, Joseph has been in service for God and the church for centuries and is still following his passion - to live a true, authentic relationship with Gott. He is married to Denise and has two children, Jason and Stephanie.

Thomas Knirr has been an evangelist over 20 years. For some years he served as the youth secretary in Bavaria before he went to Austria and headed the "Plant Academy", where he lead young Christians into serving God as missionaries. Currently, Thomas is working to boost the church in Baden-Württemberg.

Written by Klaus Müller on Sunday, 02 December 2018.
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