From Saul to Paul

Could you be Ananias?

When Saul became Paul, he was approached first by God, and then by Ananias. God blinded Paul, but sent Ananias to perform the healing. Was God too busy to do it himself?

Unlikely, because he did seem to have the time to argue with Ananias who did not feel like going to help somebody with a somewhat bad reputation. Was Ananias an ophthalmologist? Probably not. We know he was a disciple, and maybe this is all we need to know. Ananias was called to heal Paul in God’s name.
As 2,000 young people gather for the opening ceremony on Thursday night, we are once more reminded that while the encounter with God is a highly personal and individual matter, life after that is not a life completely in seclusion. We are not told whether Ananias was sanguine, enjoyed meeting new people, felt committed to mission or generally had a helpful disposition. We do not know if there was somebody else who could have done the job. We only know that Ananias had very sound reasons not to meet Paul, and that God told him to go anyway, and that Ananias obeyed. And again, this is all we need to know.

Written by Janet Reznicek on Friday, 25 March 2016.
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