Practical Christianity

We love Him because He first loved us

One of the most important aspects of the Youth in Mission Congress are the multiple workshops, that challenge us to engage in different topics.

Some of the topics are: "Creation versus evolution" - "Why is there so much suffering in this world if there is a loving God?" "Is God a moral monster?" - "How does the 'new' understanding of tolerance influence our thinking?" - "How do I communicate in a good and constructive manner in a relationship?" - "What should I expect should I become a pastor?"
These are some of the questions we've heard, asked and discussed many times but that are still relevant today and hence are being elaborated in the workshops. "So, how do I pray?", for example, is one of the questions discussed. A practical advice is: Pray to the creator, not the creature he created. As soon as I stop worshipping the creator I will start worshiping creation and lose my connection to God.
"Does God really exist?" - I have experienced God personally, this is why I believe in Him, and to me, His existence is proven rationally. Why can't I prove Him to others? If pizza is my favorite food, you can believe me, but I cannot prove it to you. There seems to be a difference between knowledge and faith.

There is a workshop for everyone to learn from, think about and tell others about. One participant might be more interested in this, another in that; nonetheless we share the same goal: To experience God's love and share it with others, just like in 1. John 4:19: "We love Him because He first loved us."

Written by Anastasia Lachmann on Friday, 25 March 2016.
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