Not all meals are suitable for the number of food portions we will be giving out during the congress. Each portion must be kept warm so that it can be served fresh. At the same time, we want to make sure to serve food that the majority of young people will enjoy. We assure you, however, that we are doing our best to try and offer a certain variation in the selection each year.
Our kitchen team aims to ensure a good balance between a healthy diet that tastes good and one that is also cost-effective. You may find it hard to believe, but our daily consumption of bread is one of the biggest expenses at the congress (Welcome to Germany — Land of bread!). By offering simpler food, we can keep the participation fee affordable, especially for young people with a smaller budget, and thus make it possible for everyone to attend the congress.
Second servings are available for each meal. At breakfast and dinner, you can get a restock on all our breakfast items at our “Catch-up table”. At lunch, the rearmost food serving area is usually restarted for seconds. Please bear in mind that this is only possible once the big rush has passed after about 30 min.
According to existing hygiene standards, we are currently not allowed to reuse disposable cutlery and packaging. We are, however, dedicated to produce as little waste as possible and are currently working on a concept which will allow us to reuse crockery. This concept, starting with the introduction of reusable cutlery, can only be implemented step-by-step, as these new hygiene conditions will result in higher costs and a significantly higher workload.
All meals at the congress will be vegetarian. We don’t offer separate vegan meals at this point, but you are of course free to skip the animal products at breakfast and dinner. As far as possible, we try to take into account the needs of our participants when selecting our ingredients.
Unfortunately, we cannot consider allergies and food intolerances at this point.


To enquire about a stand at the congress, please write an email to


The selection of songs at the congress consists largely of songs from different regions and those that are more frequently sung in other countries. We also have in mind our foreign participants when selecting the songs. From the feedback we have received so far, we know that our German participants enjoy learning these new songs as well.
We believe that praising God through music is an essential part of worship and we have no intention of neglecting it. But we have to set a time limit on many items in the programme and sometimes even omit them completely as otherwise the programme would be too long. Our song service will therefore begin ten minutes before the start of every main event. As this will coincide with people streaming in to take their seats, a certain level of unrest cannot be avoided. We would like to invite all participants to join us in worship ten minutes before the official start of the programme.
Our congress brings together a large number of people with various views on music and worship. Some of them like traditional songs, some prefer contemporary Christian songs. Our song selection seeks to find the sweet spot in between.
Our congress is no longer a congress that is attended exclusively by German-speaking participants. Many of our participants speak other languages, predominantly English, and we believe they should also have the opportunity to praise God in song. Since most of our German participants understand some English as well, more songs will be sung in English.


Yes. In that case, you will still have to pay for the accommodation as well. At the moment, you either have the option to book meals with an accommodation or to book neither and only register for the congress without meals and accommodation.
Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. A return remittance poses a considerable additional expenditure for us. However, you can find another person who will attend the congress in your place. Just write us an email and specify for whom the already transferred registration fee should be used. We will then delete your registration and transfer the registration fee to the person you have named. The person who will attend the congress in your stead will then transfer the amount for the registration fee, which you had previously paid, directly to you. Please make sure this happens under the same conditions so their registration fee is neither higher nor lower than yours.
We have to manually mark all incoming payments in the system and kindly ask for your patience. Check after a few days if the money has been deducted from your bank account. We would also kindly ask you to not contact us for a payment confirmation before three weeks after your registration.
An automated confirmation email is sent out immediately after the successful completion of the registration. If you haven’t received any such confirmation email, please check if you may have misspelled your email address, if the email has been sent to your junk mail/spam filter, or if your email inbox is full.
You will have to bring proof of payment so we can verify that the registration fee has been paid.
In order for you to open the attachment, you need a PDF reader. You can download it here: https://
No. For legal reasons, we absolutely need these before! Without the declaration of consent, we will not be able to activate your registration, even if you have already paid the registration fee.
You are welcome to come as a family. However, because of space constraints, we cannot provide each family with their individual family room. If you decide to be accommodated in a family room, you and your baby and/or toddler will be there with other mothers and their baby and/or their toddler. The fathers will be accommodated like all other male participants in the men’s sleeping area. Anyone interested in a shared family room should contact in advance of the congress.

Übernachtung und sanitäre Einrichtungen

All participants who have booked an accommodation will sleep in indoor tents and in separate areas within different halls. Please bring your sleeping bag and sleeping mat.
Toilets and washbasins are available at the site, as well as communal showers.
For hygienic reasons, we unfortunately cannot allow animals at the site.