1. We are determined to orient ourselves according to the entire message of the Bible, which we put our full trust in.
  2. We strive to bring young people closer to the writings of Ellen G White so that they may find a deeper relationship to Jesus Christ and more appreciate the value of God’s Word.
  3. Love for lost people should motivate us to share the eternal Gospel in order to be ready for the Second Coming of Jesus. This assignment takes absolute priority.
  4. A real revival in our churches and especially among Adventist youth is the desire that drives us forward.
  5. We are readying ourselves for a responsible lifestyle that is based upon the Word of God and the writings of Ellen White as related to recreation, outward appearance, behaviour and healthy living.
  6. We stand up for a lively and reverent atmosphere during church services that foster a real encounter with our loving and holy God.
  7. Truly believing that God has called the Seventh-day Adventist Church to be his church of the end time, we recognize and accept the 28 Fundamental Beliefs as an expression of the most important Bible teachings and support the organization, leadership and structure of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. As an expression of this loyalty, we will not use tithes to support our goals financially.
  8. In all areas of our faith we are looking for discipline and balance. We distance ourselves from extremes of every kind and strive for a happy medium. Individuals and organizations that treat the Adventist Church in a critical and disloyal manner find no support in our ranks.